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This is an archival list of events at the LUMS Center for Water Informatics & Technology. For current news and upcoming events, please visit the WIT webite.


  • WSSP2016.Spring School on Water Systems, Science and Practice [LUMS. Mar 2016]
  • WSPG2016. Fall School on Water Science, Policy and Governance [LUMS. Nov 2016]

Workshops and Symposia

  • INDUS2017. International Symposium on “History and Future of Indus Basin”, Connecting Water to Culture, Economy and Technology [Ali Institute. Jan 2017]
  • "Smart Water Management: Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan" (WIT Inaugural Ceremony) [LUMS. Jan 2016] news video
  • Symposium on Telemetry Systems for Water Management [LUMS. Sept 2014] Telemetry4water
  • International Workshops on Intelligent Water Grids [LUMS. Mar 2013] news


  • "Potential Opportunities in Water Sector for the Businesses and Governance Aspects", Stuart Orr, Head of Water Stewardship, WWF [LUMS. Feb 2017] news video slides
  • "A Randomized Approach to Flood Control", Hasan A Nasir, Melbourne University [LUMS. Feb 2016] news
  • "Water Policy and Development: Here and Abroad", Dr. Mahmood Ahmad, FAO [LUMS. Feb 2016] news
  • "Co-creative Systems in Agriculture", Dr. Andreas Dengel, Director DFKI, [LUMS. Dec 2015] news
  • "Water at a Crossroads", Pavel Kabat, Director IIASA [LUMS. Mar 2014] video

Other Events

  • Launch of "Recommendations for Pakistan's National Water Policy Framework", Hisaar Foundation [LUMS. Dec 2016] news
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