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CYPHYNETS: Laboratory for Cyber Physical Networks and Systems

Welcome to the research group of Dr Abubakr Muhammad. CYPHYNETS is based at the LUMS School of Science & Engineering SSE. We do research in systems engineering, applied mathematics and applied physics. We do both fundamental and applied research in complex systems, computational geometry & topology, quantum information sciences, robotics, networked sensing and feedback control theory. One of our main focus is the development of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) for welfare and infrastructure development in the context of Pakistan and the third world. Our motto is Basic research for basic problems!.

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  • CYPHYNETS Research philosophy
  • Robot motion planning
  • Smart management of irrigation networks
  • Making a low-cost real-time PCR machine for Hepatitis detection
  • Quantum information theory
  • Graduate student Mhequb Hayat's profile
  • Former member, Hassan Mohy-ud-Din's profile
  • Paper on quantum information theory has been accepted at the Journal of Mathematical Physics. (Dec 2009)
  • EE-241 student project exhibition will be held on Dec 16, 2009.
  • First supervised work at CYPHYNETS on robotic motion planning has been accepted to ACM SAC 2010.
  • CYPHYNETS website is launched. (Jan, 2010)
  • Lab Engineer, Suleman Qazi wins Fulbright scholarship!
  • Lab Engineer, Ishtiaq Maqsood moves to MASDAR Institute, UAE.
  • Development Engineer, Hassan Mohy-ud-Din moves to Johns Hopkins for graduate studies.
  • Reading group on information theory. (Aug, 2009)
  • Research assistant, Shehzad Bhatti, moves to UIUC for graduate studies.
  • Laboratory for Cyber Physical Networks and Systems (CYPHYNETS) has been established at LUMS SSE. (May 2009)
  • Reading group meets weekly to discuss feedback control systems. (Spring, Summer 2009)
  • Openings for research assistants, lab engineers, graduate students. (Dec 2008)
  • Dr Abubakr Muhammad has moved to LUMS School of Science & Engineering. (Nov 2008)
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