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Available Senior Projects at CYPHYNETS, 2011-12

1. Canal Gate Automation for a Smart Water Grid

Supervisor. Dr Abubakr Muhammad

Tasks. To design, test and implement feedback control hardware for gate-control in irrigation canals. Establish communication & control infrastructure.

Deliverables. Working gate structures on a real canal.

Learning. Hydrodynamic models for canal flow; feedback control design; real-time embedded control and networking; field work and testing;

Available hardware. NI motion control bundle; customized gates will be manufactured and motorized.

2. A Robotic Dead Man's Switch for High Speed Driving

Supervisor. Dr Abubakr Muhammad

Tasks. To design and build a field robotic application relevant to Pakistan.

Deliverables. Working robot mechanism with autonomous navigation and control.

Learning. Robot motion planning; image/data processing; real-time control & estimation; mechatronics design;

Available Hardware. NI hardware controllers, sensors, machining budget

3. Sonar Signal Processor for Tracking Dolphins

Supervisor. Dr Abubakr Muhammad Co-Supervisor. Dr Suleman Mazhar (GIKI)

Tasks. To design and integrate hydrophones, data acquisition, signal processing, stabilization and target tracking capabilities on a floating platform.

Deliverables. A field deployable fully functional system. Test and install the system on an actual location on the river Indus.

Learning. Underwater signal processing, systems engineering, marine biology/conservation, embedded systems, product engineering

Available hardware. 4 to 5 Hydrophones donated by WWF-Pakistan. DAQ equipment for prototyping/testing.

Further Details on project.

5. Low Cost Real-time PCR for Detection of Genetic Diseases

Supervisor. Dr Sabieh Anwar Co-Supervisors. Dr Abubakr Muhammad, Dr Muhammad Tariq

Tasks. To design the optics, electronics and software for a real-time PCR machine.

Deliverable. A deployable working prototype capable of detecting diseases such as Hepatitis C.

Learning. biomedical instrumentation, thermal control, optical signal processing, product integration & engineering

Available hardware. Full support for developing the prototype.

National Need. A recent Dawn story on the need for PCR facilities.

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