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Research Activities


Systems Engineering

  • Cyber physical systems for development, infrastructure and welfare
  • Modeling, control and optimization of Hydro-systems
  • Experimental robotics with applications to agriculture and humanitarian demining

Applied Mathematics and Computation

  • Computational methods in algebraic topology and differential geometry
  • Spectral graph theory and spectral geometry methods
  • Robot motion planning algorithms
  • Control of partial differential equations

Applied Physics

  • Quantum information theory and quantum control
  • Acoustic, optical and visual sensing
  • Energetics of information processing

Focus Areas

Active Collaborations

Robotics @ cyphynets
Algorithmic and experimental robotics for humanitarian applications
Hydrosystems @ cyphynets
Control and estimation of water networks in Pakistan
People Research Group Affiliation / Organization Areas / Projects
Dr Muhammad Sabieh Anwar Spin Physics at SSE Dept of Physics, LUMS School of Science & Engineering Quantum information; biomedical instrumentation
Dr Mian Muhammad Awais Robotics and Intelligent Computing (RICE) Dept of Computer Science, LUMS School of Science & Engineering Robotics, autonomous ground vehicles
Dr Faqir Muhammad Bhatti Dept of Mathematics, LUMS School of Science & Engineering Spectral graph theory
Dr Mumtaz Sheikh Dept of Physics, LUMS School of Science & Engineering Optics, 3D terrain mapping for robotics
NI, Arabia Division National Instruments Robotics, embedded control
Biodiversity program WWF, Pakistan Tracking of Indus river dolphin;
Dr Suleman Mazhar Department of Physiology & Biophysics, Georgetown University, USA. (Now at GIKI.) Tracking of Indus river dolphin; underwater bio-acoustics and signal processing;
Dr Ibrahim Hoteit Computational geosciences Division of Applied Mathematics and Computation, KAUST, Saudi Arabia Data assimilation methods for hyrdosystems, uncertainty quantification (UQ)
Dr Momin Uppal AdCom Research Lab Dept of Electrical Engineering, LUMS SSE Acoustic gunshot localization
Development Policy Research Center (DPRC) School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law (SHSSL), LUMS Water rights in smart water grids
Mathematics Division Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy Applied mathematics
Hamza Engineering (Ltd) Lahore Machining & assembly of robotic mechanisms
Dr Affan Syed FAST NUCES, Islamabad, Pakistan Self Actualized Cyber Physical Systems
Dr Karsten Berns, Syed Atif Mehdi Robotics Research Lab University of Kieserslautern, Germany Off-road, agricultural and field robotics
Muhammad Umer Tariq, Dr Marylin Wolf Dept of Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Model based simulation of large-scale cyber physical systems
Program Monitoring & Implementation Unit (PMIU) Irrigation & Power Dept, Govt of Punjab Canal automation, smart water grids
Revitalizing Irrigation in Pakistan Project International Water Management Institute (IWMI) Canal automation, smart water grids
Directorate of Research Environment Protection Agency, Govt of Punjab Contamination spread monitoring in water resources
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