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Research Activities


Systems Engineering

  • Cyber physical systems for development, infrastructure and welfare
  • Modeling, control and optimization of large-scale irrigation networks
  • Experimental robotics with applications to agriculture and humanitarian demining

Applied Mathematics and Computation

  • Computational methods in algebraic topology and differential geometry
  • Spectral graph theory and spectral geometry methods
  • Robot motion planning algorithms
  • Control of partial differential equations
  • Variational inequalities, optimization and distributed algorithms

Applied Physics

  • Quantum information theory
  • Acoustic, optical and visual sensing
  • Feedback control of quantum systems
  • Energetics of information processing.

Showcase Projects

Project Bhulan
Bio-acoustic tracking of Indus dolphin
Project Merve
Unmanned ground robotics for humanitarian applications
Smart Canals
Control and optimization of irrigation canal networks
Cheap Bio-instrumentation
Real-time PCR for detection of genetic diseases



In Previous Life

  • One of the main architects of a multi-radar air traffic control system. Still in operation and used by many organizations/countries. [2000-2001]
  • Designed a low cost PCR and electrophoresis machine. Still in use by some labs in the country. [1999-2001]
  • Designed a sonar signal processing system. Did not go beyond simulation phase. [2002]
  • Designed and successfully simulated a face recognition solution for a possible toy application. Was probably a few years ahead of its time and never made it to the market. [1997-1998]
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