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* [[2013_urgrads|2013]]
* [[2013_urgrads|2013]]
* [[2014_urgrads|2014]]
* [[2014_urgrads|2014]]
=== Visiting Researchers ===
=== Visiting Researchers ===

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PhD Students


MS Students

Undergraduate Associates

Visiting Researchers

  • Bilal ur Rehman (MS in Robotics, Umea University, Sweden). 2012.
  • Syed Atif Mehdi (PhD student at TU Kaiserslautern, Germany). 2011, 2012, 2013.
  • Daniel Schmidt (PhD student at TU Kaiserslautern, Germany). 2011, 2012, 2013.

Lab Alumni

  • Bilal Talat
  • Faiz Alam
  • Maryam Javed, Research Assistant. Currently MS student at Freiberg U.
  • Muhammad Fuzail, Research Assistant. Currently MBA students at Duke University.
  • Ailia Gardezi, Teaching fellow.
  • Zarrar Khan, Research Assistant. Currently PhD student in Italy.
  • Syed Atif Adnan, Lab Engineer
  • Hasan Arshad Nasir, Teaching fellow / RA. Currently PhD student in EE at University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Zaeem Hussein, RA. Currently MS student in Applied Math at University of Washington, Seattle, USA.
  • Adnan Munawar, Lab Engineer. Currently PhD student in Mech. Engg. at WPI, USA
  • Ahmed Asad, Lab Engineer. Currently in Industry.
  • Zubair Ahmad, Research Assistant. Currently, PhD student in EE at HKUST.
  • Syed Sufian Al-Azhari, Lab Engineer. Currently technology entrepreneur.
  • Syed Ali Abbas, Lab Engineer. Currently technology entrepreneur.
  • Mhequb Hayat, CmpE grad. Currently director robotics group at CASE, Islamabad.
  • Zeeshan Shareef. Teaching Fellow. Currently PhD student in Control Systems at Univ of Paderborn, Germany.
  • Dr. Talat Nazir, Research Assistant. Completed PhD in Maths at LUMS.
  • Muhammad Ali Ahmed, CmpE Senior
  • Shahzad Bhatti. Research assistant. Currently, PhD student in Civil Engg. at UIUC, USA.
  • Hassan Mohy-ud-Din. Development Engineer. Currently, PhD student in EE at Johns Hopkins University, USA.
  • Ishtiaq Maqsood. Laboratory Engineer. Currently, MS student in EE at MASDAR, UAE.
  • Abdul Rehman Javed, Research Assistant. Currently, graduate student, Germany.
  • Suleman Sami Qazi, Laboratory Engineer. Currently, Fulbright scholar at ASU, USA
  • Farhan Ateeq, Laboratory Engineer. Currently MBA student, LUMS
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