Laboratory for Cyber Physical Networks and Systems (CyPhyNets)


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CyPhyNets: Laboratory for Cyber Physical Networks and Systems.

School of Science & Engineering, SSE

Lahore University of Management Sciences LUMS

Lahore, Pakistan


Group Members


Postdoctoral researchers

Positions open.



  • Muhammad Ali, Consultant Engineer
  • Zubair Khalid, Research Assistant


  • Zahaib Akhtar, CmpE Senior
  • Muhammad Ali Ahmed, CmpE Junior
  • Muhammad Ammar Hassan, SSE freshman

Former Members

  • Shahzad Bhatti, Lecturer in Mathematics, COMSATS Institute of Technology, Islamabad


  • Complex networked systems to enable the deployment of very-large scale uniquitous instances of sensor networks, robotic swarms and mobile networking
  • Rapid information discovery in massive high-dimensional data sets in robotics, networks and other areas using geometrical and topological methods
  • Quantum information theory and quantum control for understanding the physics of information


Formal Courses

  • COMP-208. Computers for engineers [McGill. Winter 2008]
  • Phy-102. Electricity and magnetism [LUMS. Autumn 2009]
  • CS-683. Information theory [LUMS. Winter 2009]
  • BIO-103. Freshman biology (Module on systems biology) [LUMS. Winter 2009]

Reading Groups


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