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We have extensive lab facilities and equipment that includes:


  • iRobot Create omnidirectional platform (x4)
  • Zagros MAX-96 omnidirectional robot base
  • Marwa 4-wheel ground vehicle (custom built)
  • Duldul tracked vehicle (custom built)

Embedded Systems

  • National Instruments sbRIO controllers (x3)
  • Beagleboard single board computers (x4)
  • Siemens S7 PLC
  • Arduino micrcontrollers (x4)
  • ZigBee wireless communication nodes (x4)
  • IMU Inertial Measurement Units (x3)
  • Accelerometers (x3)

Data Acquisition Systems

  • National Instruments USB and PCI data acquisition cards (x16)
  • BitScope DAQ system
  • USBee DAQ system


  • Sick LMS15x 2D laser scanner
  • Microsoft Kinect RGB-D camera (x3)
  • National Instruments Smart Cameras (x2)
  • Ultrasonic sonars
  • Sony camera pair for stereo system
  • Custom built stereo rig

Measurement instruments

  • Oscilloscopes, tachometers, function generators, power supplies
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