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(Water Rights in Smart Water Grids)
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* Zaeem Hussain  
* Zaeem Hussain  
There are several new [[Openings|Openings]] on projects with IWMI and EPA.   
There are several new [[Media:iwmi_epa_vacanc2012.pdf|openings]] in projects with IWMI and EPA.   

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hydrosystems @ cyphynets

One of our main research thrusts is control, estimation and optimization of water resources in Pakistan. We look at water distribution problems in large-scale irrigation networks, contamination spread in surface and groundwater resources and decision support systems for basin management. We freely employ control and estimation techniques from the domain of cyber-physical systems into design and operation of hydro-systems. We are now involved in building several practical systems and testbeds in Pakistan.

An overview of our hyrdosystems research can be found in the following presentations.

  • Building a Smart Water Grid for Pakistan, SSE Seminar Series, March 2012. Slides
  • Modeling, Simulation and Data Assimilation for Indus River Basin Management, Planning Commission, April 2011. Slides

Please check Publications for more details on specific projects.


  • Abubakr Muhammad
  • Hasan Arshad Nasir
  • Zaeem Hussain

There are several new openings in projects with IWMI and EPA.


Revitalizing Irrigation in Pakistan

  • Funding. International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
  • Duration. 2012-14

Contamination Spread Monitoring in Surface and Groundwater

  • Funding. Environment Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Duration. 2012-14
  • Partners. TU Delft, KAUST

Bayesian Inversion, Compressive Sensing & Data Assimilation in Hydrosystems

  • Funding. LUMS, KAUST
  • Duration. 2011-present
  • Partners. TU Delft, KAUST

Water Rights in Smart Water Grids

  • Funding. Development Policy Research Center at LUMS
  • Duration. 2011-12

Model Driven Software Architectures for Cyber-Physical Irrigation Networks

  • Funding. LUMS
  • Duration. 2011-12
  • Partners. Georgia Tech.

Control & Estimation of Smart Water Grids

  • Funding. LUMS startup and FIF
  • Duration. 2009-present
  • Partners. Punjab Irrigation Department
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