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CPS^d: Workshop on Cyber Physical Systems for Developing Nations
LUMS School of Science & Engineeing, Lahore, Pakistan

A workshop on Cyber Physical Systems for Developing Nations (CPS^d) will take place at the LUMS School of Science & Engineering in the cultural heart of Pakistan, Lahore. The theme of the workshop is to introduce a new and exciting area of research at the interface of computer science, systems engineering and control theory to engineers and scientists in developing countries of South Asia, Middle East and East Asia. Conversely, the workshop will create global awareness about the immense potential of this research for addressing some of the most important issues facing the developing world including water, energy, environment, healthcare, agriculture and other critical infrastructures and services. Technical topics of the workshop include control theory, robotics, embedded systems, automation and networked sensing.

Steering Committee and Local Organization

Aims, objectives and foci
Workshop themes and topic

Registration, travel and local arrangements
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  • CYPHYNETS at LUMS and the newly formed IEEE-CSS Pakistan chapter join hands to organize a workshop on Cyber Physical Systems for Developing nations. (Dec 2010)
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