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CMPE-633/CS-633: Topics in Robotics and Control


Dr Abubakr Muhammad, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Email: abubakr [at]

Office: Room L310, 3rd Floor, SSE Bldg

Office Hours: Mon, Wed: 11am-12pm. Tue, Thurs: 9:30am-12pm

Course Details

Year: 2010-11

Semester: Fall

Category: Grad

Credits: 3

Elective course for electrical & computer engineering majors

Course Website:

Course Description



Enforced: Recommended:


Text book

The course will be taught from a combination of the following textbooks.

Grading Scheme

Homeworks+Quiz : 15%

Design Project: 25%

Midterm: 20%

Final : 40%

Policies and Guidelines

  • Quizzes will be announced. There will be no makeup quiz.
  • Homework will be due at the beginning of the class on the due date. Late homework will not be accepted.
  • You are allowed to collaborate on homework. However, copying solutions is absolutely not permitted. Offenders will be reported for disciplinary action as per university rules.
  • Any appeals on grading of homeworks, quiz or midterm scores must be resolved within one week of the return of graded material.
  • Attendance is in lectures and tutorials strongly recommended but not mandatory. However, you are responsible for catching the announcements made in the class.
  • Attendance in lab exercises is compulsory.
  • Many of the homeworks will include MATLAB based computer exercise. Some proficiency in programming numerical algorithms is essential for both the homework and project.
  • Separate tutorials on software tools such as SIMULINK and MATLAB real-time workshop can be arranged if there is significant demand for it.

Course Delivery Method

Lectures. Mon, Wed: 9:30am-10:45am. 10-402. SSE Bldg.


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