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Talha Manzoor, PhD Candidate

I completed my PhD under the supervision of Dr Abubakr Muhammad at LUMS in December, 2017. The topic of my dissertation was "Towards a Cybernetic Foundation for Natural Resource Governance". Prior to this, I received an MS in Computer Engineering from LUMS in 2013 and a BS in Mechatronics Engineering from NUST in 2010. Since January 2018, I am serving as an Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at Namal College, Mianwali.

I am generally interested in the modelling, control and estimation of complex dynamical systems. In my PhD I worked with such systems in the form of complex networks of human agents as consumers of natural resources. As opposed to the conventional treatment of human behavior in such socio-ecological systems as disturbances, exogenous inputs or uncertainties, I use research from social-psychology to form mathematical models of consumer behavior. This relatively new perspective whereby human beings are treated as fundamental components of the system which may also adapt to changes in the environment is widely known as human-in-the-loop control. For analyzing these models, I employ tools from Optimal Control, Game theory and Network Science to help pin down the characteristics of sustainable societies.

I also work on control and estimation problems in robotics which has been the primary focus of my research prior to PhD. This includes both theoretical and development work in robotic vision, SLAM and state estimation.

My CV can be downloaded here.


  • I have accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Namal College, Mianwali (January 2018)
  • I have successfully defended my PhD (December 2017). LUMS PhD Catalog
  • Our paper on learning dynamics for our resource consumption model has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Control Systems Letters (November 2017).
  • I am giving a talk as part of the IEEE Control Systems Seminar Series (Karachi-Lahore-Islamabad joint chapter) at CUST, Islamabad (November 8, 2017)
  • Our paper on structural effects for our resource consumption model has been accepted at IFAC 2017 (March 2017).
  • My story on the YSSP experience has been featured in this month's IIASA Alumni Newsletter (February 2017) newsletter complete article
  • I am teaching a graduate course on Digital Control Systems at LUMS (Spring 2017) course website
  • Our work receives coverage at various technical venues (January 2017) press release phys.org Science Newsline Austrian Press Agency
  • Our paper on game-theoretic modelling of consumer behavior has been published in Ecological Modelling (November 2016). feature on LUMS website
  • I have received the Best Poster Award at the LUMS SBASSE annual PhD Colloquium (February 2016).
  • Our paper on Kalman Filtering for non-Markovian measurement models has been accepted at ECC 2015 (September 2015)
  • I am giving a talk on silt sedimentation in waterways via video link at the 6th Workshop on Field and Assistive Robotics at Frankenstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (July 2014) video
  • Our paper on optimal control for sustainable consumption has been accepted at IFAC 2014 (March 2014).
  • Our paper on disparity in monocular SLAM has been accepted at ROBIO 2013 (February 2013).
  • I have received the NMF gold medal for academics at the LUMS convocation (June 2013) news
  • I have been selected for the Young Scientists' Summer Program at IIASA (May 2013) link
  • I am speaking at NIWeek 2012 in Austin, Texas (August 2012) video
  • Our paper on visual servoing is accepted at Robotik 2012 (May 2012).
  • Our team wins first place in the "vision and mine-sweeping algorithms" category at National Instruments Mine Detection Robot Design contest held at Beirut (October 2011) video
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