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Syed Atif Adnan is currently working as a Laboratory Engineer in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the School of Science and Engineering, LUMS (LUMS), Pakistan. He is a member of the Cyber Physical Networks (CYPHYNETS) research group supervised by Dr. Abubakr Muhammad. After his graduation he worked one year in the industry as an Entrepreneur. Later on he joined LUMS (SSE) on August, 2009.


Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering,Islamabad,Pakistan.(CASE) Sept 2004 - Aug 2008

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering,Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.


Islamabad College For Boys G-6/3,Islamabad,Pakistan. Sept 2002 - Aug 2004

HSSC-II Science(Physics,Chemistry and Maths).

Jinnah Preparatory School,Rawalpindi,Pakistan. Sept 2000 - Aug 2002

SSC-I Science (Biology,Mathematics,Physics and Chemistry).

Area of Interest

RF & Microwave: Circuit & Systems .

Micro Engineering & Nanotechnology.

Electronic s & VLSI.

Antenna Design.

Control Systems.

Work Experience(LUMS)

LUMS School of Science & Engineering Aug 2009 - To Date

I was involved in the research based project on Bio Medical Product Real – Time PCR Machine. PCR is commonly used for the identification of genetic fingerprints, the diagnosis of infectious diseases like hepatitis and the cloning of genes.

Also responsible for the lab development of different engineering courses like

Feed Back Control System (EE361).

Design and Implement First Order HVAC Thermal System (ON-OFF) & PID Controller.

Design and implement DC Motor Speed Control with Matlab and LabView.

Design and implement DC Motor Position Control with Matlab and LabView.

Anti-Wind up Controller Design for Thermal Systems.

Controller Design for Inverted Pendulum Setup.

Introductory Electronics Lab (EE241).

Design and Implement Amplitude Modulation kit which includes 1MHZ oscillator, amplifier and modulator

Also responsible for the testing of different sensors and equipments used during research projects.

Served as a Teaching Assistant in the course of Introductory Electronics Laboratory.

Served as a Teaching Assistant in the lab of Feedback Control System.

Professional Trainings

LUMS School of Science & Engineering(SSE)

A conceptual workshop for teachers Analog Electronic Circuits & Semiconductor Devices by Prof Asad A.Abidi


High Speed & RF PCB Design Course

A two week High speed PCB design course with lab work which includes the topic of Signal integrity tools, Routing, Impedance Control, Transmission lines, Strip lines, Micro strip lines, Substrate materials and layouts. Protel and Altium are used during the workshop

Industrial Experience

Industrial Experience.Sept 2008 - July 2009

I was an active member of an Entrepreneur group involved in different projects of the industry in the field of Electrical

and Electronic Engineering. I was involved in these projects

Reverse Engineering of Multi-Layer PCB of power supply.

Developed General Purpose Controller Board having using Protel.

Developed a prototype of Electric Furnace at a small scale using Current Fed Inverter method.

Tested Tube Welding Machine designed on the method of Voltage Fed Inverter.

Developed Embedded System for Pulse counting, distance measurement for Current (Water Flow) Meter


Alcatel-lucent Pakistan. June 2008 - July 2008

Internee Transmission department

I conducted

Detailed overview of Alcatel-lucent SDH planning and deployment.

Line Of Sight survey at Islamabad.

Radio model configuration of SDH i.e.9500MXC.

Study the use of multiplexer of different models.

Learn how to study the Link budget of different SDH links.

CARE Pvt ltd Islamabad June 2006 - Aug 2006


Worked as a web developer on a VOIP based Automated Notification System (ANS) project


Adnan,S.A; Zeeshan Shareef; Abubakr Muhammad ;“Development of a Low Cost Thermal Feedback System for Basic Control Education” (Submitted) (INMIC 2011)

• Abbasi, M.I.; Adnan, S.A.; Amin, M.; Kamran, F.; “Wireless Power Transfer Using Microwaves at 2.45 Ghz ISM Band ” (IEEE/IBCAST 2009). 19-22 January 2009


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