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SSE Electrical Engineers and WWF Pakistan partner to Track Dolphins!

LUMS and WWF Pakistan have signed a 3 year MoU for a research collaboration between CYPHYNETS and WWF's marine biologists on tracking the endangered Indus river dolphin. We will develop underwater acoustics, electronics and tracking software for WWF to conduct population surveys, monitor activity and introduce conservation practices for these extremely rare dolphins.

For more details, please see the announcement at

EE Professor publishes in Top Mathematical Physics Journal

An article co-authored by SSE electrical engineering faculty, Dr Abubakr Muhammad has appeared in the July issue of the AIP Journal of Mathematical Physics. The work titled "Conjugate degradability and the quantum capacity of cloning channels" reports new methods to compute the amount of information that can be pumped through certain quantum systems. Such calculations are pivotal in finding the physical limits of communication, computation and control in quantum devices. This article is a result of joint research with computer scientists and physicists at McGill University, Canada.


SSE Roboticists Help Clear Landmines in Lebanon

A team of EE & CS faculty and students from LUMS, along with four other international teams has moved into the final round of a robotics competition organized by National Instruments (NI), an industry leader in instrumentation and control. Earlier this year, NI challenged roboticists worldwide to design a reliable yet affordable robot for autonomously detecting landmines in the rough mountainous terrain of Lebanon. The LUMS team, led by Dr Abubakr Muhammad & Dr Mian Muhammad Awais, composed of several student groups that worked tirelessly to propose a radically simple yet innovative design. The final round of the competition will take place next year at NI headquarters in USA. National Instruments has announced to donate a substantial amount of its hardware and software tools to LUMS for executing the design.


EE Professor Presents Ways to Optimize Electrical Power Grids

SSE electrical engineering faculty, Dr Abubakr Muhammad, presented his research titled "Distributed Electrical Power Distribution Using Evolutionary Variational Inequalities" at the 19th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS 2010) in Budapest, Hungary. This bi-annual conference in systems theory is attended by leading mathematicians and engineers around the globe and focuses on fundamental mathematical problems in systems and control. Dr Abubakr's interdisciplinary research group, CYPHYNETS (Cyber-Physical Networks and Systems Lab) focuses on control and optimization methods for critical infrastructure such as power grids and water distribution networks.


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